The 气 Qi* of Spring is light and upward moving.

January 2023

Here are some proven ways to awaken your vitality and prepare for the Spring
Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing The Path to Harmony workshop for supporting our gut microbiome which is so critical to our overall health…
Time to rest back, reflect and and trust your gut instincts
We have a habit of waging ‘war’ on things we don’t fully understand. It’s why I’m uneasy when I hear that type of language used around menopause…
However convincingly they say they do

December 2022

As this year draws to a close in order for us to continue to grow & move forward, there are things that need to be left behind – this cycle, that is…
Learning to live in harmony with nature is supportive as we go through menopause
We are firmly on the feminine side of the Wheel of the Year; the season of Yin energy. Which my acupuncture colleague has beautifully illustrated here…

November 2022

Time for Change and Making Space for the Wiser Woman To Emerge
A private space for us to converse and connect