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Too often we are confronted by ‘the bloody hell’ as the only narrative and fixing hormones is THE way forward. But we conveniently ignore the intersectionality (our genetics, our environment, past trauma and lifestyle)that makes up our perimenopause experience. Some of this is HARD!! But may just hold the key for us to rest, soothe our nervous systems, to get quiet enough to be able to listen to our intuition and really hear what our bodies need.

Each week together we can explore the capacity for self-regulation, co-regulation, and resilience, How to inhabit body and mind through resourcing enlivenment, empowerment, self-compassion, joy, playfulness, and curiosity.

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Clarissa Kristjansson
Welcome to HEART OF MENOPAUSE by me, Clarissa Kristjansson, Host of Thriving Thru Menopause podcast. Author of The Mindful Menopause (2018) and Put Menopause on the Map is out 2022. Weekly receive a free thought-provoking piece in your inbox.